After conducting a handfasting for one of the group we were asked whether we would marry a couple who were spiritually minded but not practising pagans. We were delighted and honoured to be able to share in this special day and bring an experience of the older, nature-based religion back into people's lives.

Since then we have conducted several weddings around the country and have been greatly encouraged by the fantastic positive response from both the bride and groom and guests.

We feel that our services offer a spiritual alternative to people who do not practice orthodox religion, but who feel that civil ceremonies are lacking in personal or spiritual content.

Handfasting Ceremonies

A handfasting is a spiritual marriage or ceremony of commitment which would have been performed by our ancestors and dates back to pagan times. Our enchanted handfasting rituals are rooted in tradition and nature, but yet are adapted for each couple so that they are a deeply personal and divine experience that will always remain in your heart. Ceremonies can be carried out in a place of special significance - a tranquil copse or meadow, or in a garden. Many couples choose to be legally married in a registry office and be handfasted in the presence of friends to bless and celebrate their joining. Others use the ceremony to show their love to one another, and commit to each other: choosing either a year and a day, a lifetime or for eternity.

Is a handfasting right for us?

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