Is a handfasting right for us?

We had approached a couple of Pagan groups but they were reluctant to help as we are not Pagan. We had almost given up on the idea when we saw an article in a local magazine about Enchanted Gatherings. As soon as we met up with Kathryn we decided that this was right for us. We had the most perfect, amazing ceremony - you could really feel the energy within the circle. I think everyone there told us that it was a most beautiful, uplifting experience, and perhaps not what they had expected. Hopefully it may have encouraged people to be braver and follow their hearts in doing something different.


We had both been married previously and yet wanted something special without going to church. We decided make our commitment in a place special to us - on a clif top in Cornwall with just a small group of family and friends. We were all very touched by how special the ceremony was. The girls put so much energy and time into the day and we can't thank them enough.

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I had always had a Pagan wedding in mind since going to one a couple of years previous in Glastonbury on Midsummers eve. I am happy to say that my ceremony was even more beautiful - Kathryn and Susan went to so much trouble to make things personal for us. Everything from the Altar table to our amazing cinammon broom was so special. They really took the time to get to know us in the months leading up to our day and were there to answer any questions. They made us the most amazing keep-sake box up which is just exquisite and full of memories of our perfect day. Thank-you both!



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